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Abstract Acrylic Painting.

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Painting touches the soul. Painting is a way to ourselves. Apres Ski. Yellow Cab. Die Farben Afrikas. It's Over Now. Indian Summer.

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Blue Lagoon. Viewed as a fable, the movie works. The Gill Man is a fan. Christina Ricci is a sorority girl whose house volunteers with a Special Olympics-style organization.

Autobahn-Orgie (Adult-1984)

Each sister is assigned a handicapped kid and Ricci gets Pumpkin. She falls in love with him and learns through Pumpkin that there is pain in the world. She was previously unaware. Balancing parody and a straight-faced narrative is a tall order and at times it seems like Pumpkin is trying to do too much. It flies off the rails in the last half hour — but I still think it mostly works and that the rest of the world is crazy.

Spare, delightful and effortlessly tuneful indiepop that recalls the glory days of Sarah Records.

Lust for Rust - Truk Lagoon

Available on ltd. Sun Damage by Clairaudience.

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Transatlantic 5-piece releases sun-kissed indie sounds on yellow cassette. Currently a Bandcamp exclusive. Suburbia Space Program by Wolf Collage. Pills From Strangers by Firehorse. Trophy by Kate Davis.

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Jazz darling Kate Davis turns her talents to indie rock on this expansive, confident collection of heartbreakingly detailed love songs. Explore music. Velvet Crush by Sister Black Lagoon.

“Easy like a Summer Sunday” by Cara Friedman